Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines with its romantic view, is full of precious people, and offers delicious foods, fresh air, and plenty of memorable things. Having known as an animated learning destination in the summer, I finally decided studying in Baguio. It was no less a perfect choice for me.

In the Philippines, Baguio City is really blessed with a cool climate all year round; hundreds of trees and pine forest cover all over, creating a romantic and picturesque scene. It becomes more attractive and poetic place from the cold of highlands at night to the early morning fog and green forests surrounding it. The slow, gentle life of Baguio helps you slow down, ignore the daily chunks, and feel more relaxed for a time.

The first day of school – it was a sunny day, the air was soothing. As my expectation, I prepared everything I need such as clothes, shoes, books, etc. My feeling is still hard to describe. Before my eyes this is a new sky; my friends, teachers, school are all new. I know that from this day onward I have to find my feet in a new environment.

The campus is surprisingly very spacious and airy. At the school gate, there is a row of old trees making the road shady. Next to it, there is a large courtyard with lush green trees in line. In addition to that, there are also benches and shades where we can see students play after school. This is an ideal place for students to enjoy sport activities. On the left side of the yard, it is the canteen where you can enjoyably eat and chat with your friends. I think the design of the school is great as sports and recreational facilities are just few steps to be found. Not only that, the food is very diverse, from the local products, Korean food, and many sorts of beverages to meals for lunch or dinner. Next to the cafeteria, there is a wide porch (which is wonderful), and when you have a cup of coffee here, you can enjoy the fresh air and to view mountain scenaries. Plus you have a bunch of friends and a change of atmosphere enabling you to have a lot of ideas because the comfortable feeling supporting you.

On the other side, what i like the most is the Multi-purpose Hall where I can have self-study time and thankfully it is very quiet, so I could really focus.
Aside from the building, the best part is the view of the tall, green trees. Thanks to the tranquility of setting, I am able to study on my desired pace. Outside, there is a place where students can meet and talk and where we can have new friends and practice English together because speaking English is required. Students are penalized if they speak their mother tongue. In my opinion, it is good for English training to create a real sense of being in a foreign environment. Monetary fines could also be replaced by devoting few hours of self-study on the weekends though, so there’s nothing to worry about paying penalties. It is really good; you just have to be more careful. However, it can also add as your personal training and promoting self-responsibility. Also, after a day of studying, you can also go to the gym with all the fitness equipment provided and which you can enjoy better with music. Furthermore, there are dance and guitar classes which you can choose to balance your regular academic classes.

Baguio is really fascinating and wonderful at the time of the break of the night to dawn glow. The early dew of the sunny morning in Baguio is amazing. You try to imagine, breathe or feel the cold and when the light wind passes, it gives you strength to be ready again for a new day. Looking out the window, you will see some houses on the mountain giving a marvelous sight as an oil-painted nature. It is such a great source of energy to start a day in Baguio.


After preparing my stuffs for class, I eat my breakfast. Actually, I think I would have boring meals, so I brought with me a package of noodles, but I was really surprised because the dishes are so varied every day. There are also sandwiches if you want to eat more. I like the tastes of food here, not only which, the cooks are very cute, always smiling giving a friendly feel. You will choose the dishes that you like. To my surprise, until this time, I have not eaten a packet of my noodles yet because the food fascinates you, you just want to eat all of them and more. It doesn’t make me look for others.


The school with diverse students comes from many nations, so you can make friends as many as you want. You can also learn the culture, practice their language, and more importantly we speak English for us to communicate with each other. People are very friendly, they always make fun of each other and very easy to have conversation with. We often go out on the weekend and together we have fun and relaxation. They are great companions who have been with me on the path of learning and bonding while I am here.

The most special here are the teachers; always gentle and encouraging students. They, not only taught me a lot of valuable lessons, but also shared their experiences and comfort me when I have problems. They are always there to cheer me up and find the best way to help me. If you have difficulty understanding a lesson, they try to do everything for you to understand. You will not feel pressured every time you come to class as classes always equip you of knowledge along with the laughter which helps you quickly learn. Teachers always create space in learning; you can ask or answer in your own way not worried whether they are right or wrong. They enthusiastically tailor the strategies on you, and explain them accurately. They share useful experiences you should learn and which would be helpful to you. You will learn to remember immediately in class because they explain in detail and give you examples. You will slowly feel your academic performance improving dramatically. Moreover, group classes also help you get more ideas and thoughts from your classmates while accomplishing activities together. We seem to stick together in a large family. Every time I feel sad or depressed, I just think of the teacher’s loving look, innocent smile of friends, and a sudden feeling of warmth comes in. Without having told my friends of that feeling in the beginning, I found out we all share the same thoughts towards our teachers.

Not only a perfect place for studying, I keep beautiful memories with the teachers and the friends that I love. I cannot bear having my memory of this school to fade in me because of the exceedingly cheerful times, despite busy, I have with my fun, noisy friends and teachers. This unfortunately makes me sad since I only have a month left in this school. However, as time goes by as childhood passes like waves that go out to the sea and does not come back, there is one thing that stays with me, that is the roof and warmth of this school.